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IELTS Speaking Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your IELTS Speaking Score with These Proven Strategies!

IELTS Preparation Course

IELTS Speaking has always been dreadful for most students. But with remarkable strategies in place, Uwezo Learning Inc can help you score well and easily pass the exam. With a proper IELTS Preparation Course, you have nothing to be feared of. Under the guidance of qualified and certified UWEZO faculty, you get the proper training to help you pass this exam easily. But before we jump into the strategies, let us first understand,


what exactly is an ILETS speaking section?


Basically, for those who aren’t aware of the exam structure, the speaking test is divided into 3 parts:


Part 1: Includes 4-5 minutes conversation with IELTS Examiner on possible topics like Personal interest, home, life, and family to name a few.

Part 2: Includes a cue card given to you with a topic written on it. You get exactly one minute to put together your thoughts. You can definitely write a few notes since you’ll be provided with paper and a pencil. After completion of 1 minute, you will be asked to give your response for 2 minutes to the examiner.

Part 3: Includes a detailed conversation of you with the examiner on the given topic. (Part 2 topic) for approximately 4-5 minutes.

As an IELTS aspirant, you must be aware of the assessment criteria. The criteria include the following

Fluency means Correctly linked words and sentences, proper structure, and no fumbling is what makes you fluent.

Vocabulary includes the usage of proper and meaningful words that makes your point understandable. You can also use idioms if you know any (that would get you brownie points)

Pronunciation includes speaking slowly and clearly and stressing the right words

Grammatical Accuracy includes the usage of correct tense and avoiding grammar errors

Examiner looks out for the above 4 criteria and then makes the decision of your marking. With the help of an appropriate IELTS Preparation Course in place, you can easily nail these areas.


Tips from professionals to get you through your IELTS Speaking Exam

#Tip1: Don’t mug your answers

Mugging answers won’t take you far enough in your speaking test because the questions or the topics given will always be something you haven’t heard or prepared for. Therefore, it is better not to waste time mugging topics you are expecting to be asked in your exam. To pass this exam you have to be



Well-read so that you can speak on any topic easily.

#Tip2: Fluency will always outweigh vocabulary

It’s ok if you don’t use some extraordinary words no one has heard about. Concentrate on how you can speak smoothly without any hesitation and breaks. However, you can aim for using some 2-3 new words for showcasing your vocabulary range and that would be more than enough.


#Tip3: Stay calm and take a pause where necessary

To begin with, don’t panic if you make a mistake. This is something really important and should be remembered at all times when you are giving your speaking test. You can take a pause, think, and then speak. It’s better to speak correctly than to speak whatever comes to your mind.

However, staying calm comes with practice. You can prepare for your IELTS exam by taking up

Online IELTS Training where you will be under the guidance of experts. Know the difference between a necessary pause and an unnecessary pause.


#Tip4: Avoid Using Unnecessary Words (Fillers)

We tend to use unnecessary words (fillers) when we don’t know what to say. This will directly point to the examiner that you are unable to come up with correct words and ideas. Thus, it is advisable to avoid them.


Filler words include: Like, Umm, Yeah, You know, Well, I think etc. are a few examples of filler words to avoid


#Tip5: Be more expressive

Try to make your answers descriptive or long. Short answers will prompt the examiner to ask more questions to check your fluency, but at the same time, you will appear to lack a solid

understanding of the language. So if your answers are well-structured and descriptive, you’ll have a high chance of scoring well.



Using the above tips will surely help you to get through your IELTS exam. Also, if you are in need of guidance, you have IELTS Preparation and Online Courses of UWEZO at your disposal. They not only offer you proper training from qualified experts but also give you the flexibility of online courses so that travelling never becomes an issue in your learning. So take the help you need from the experts, practice and pass this exam with flying colours.


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