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Uwezo Learning was founded with a single premise: that any student has a right to reach his or her true potential. Our expert staff, combined with a unique methodology and passionate management, delivers best coaching on our promise every time. Whether it is after-school help (IGCSE, MYP, IBDP), aptitude tests (PSAT®, ACT, SAT®), or College Counselling, we stand alone, a cut above the rest. A consummate group of professionals, we have several years of experience in the USA and India. 


The team comprises of educationists, counselors, teachers and parents committed to imparting excellence in education that is focused on results and out-of-the-box thinking. Our teachers have complete freedom in implementing their own pedagogy in small classrooms with differentiated instruction.

College Prep: Peace of Mind™

If you think 8th or 9th grade is too early for college planning, think again. In today’s complex world, reasoning trumps memorizing, teamwork beats individual genius, and matriculation means nothing without articulation. In short, EQ over IQ. This explains why top universities around the world routinely reject applicants with perfect grades in favour of those with critical thinking skills and empathetic nature. 


In today’s world one must have the necessary wherewithal to follow opportunities wherever they exist. You’re no longer competing just with Rashmi next door, but with Nigel from the U.K. and Juan from Brazil, for a seat at elite universities worldwide. You need to stand apart from others and make universities want you.

The only way you can demonstrate you’re special is with activities that you do outside the classroom. After all, top grades and high SAT score, while mandatory, are just numbers. Colleges want to know that you’re more than that with SAT preparation. What matters to you? What have you done for society? What are your passions? In short, what makes you, you?

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Why Uwezo?

Uwezo Learning Inc: Nobody does more; nobody does better!


Built to be the best, by the best

All the founders are NRIs who now reside in India. They bring a medley of experiences and unique perspectives combined with boundless passion. After several years of counseling and mentoring students in US and India, they have blended the best of both worlds at Uwezo. Having put their own children through international schools and enrolling them in top universities abroad, the founders understand the angst parents endure while making crucial decisions for their sons and daughters.

Guaranteed progress

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Raj Devireddy

A member of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Raj works with many Engineering colleges in the south and makes recommendations to improve the curriculum. As he is passionate about entrepreneurship, Raj mentors students at Uwezo in entrepreneurship, business and technology areas. As a charter executive member of TiE Hyderabad, he founded the mentorship cell, assisting many budding entrepreneurs. After working in US for more than 2 decades in worlds top software companies, Raj moved back and worked as the Director of Investments for Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in India. As an Angel Investor Raj mentored and funded many start-up companies. With a zeal to help students ‘reach your potential’, Raj works with the students to achieve their goals. He holds Bachelors and Graduate degrees from the University of Illinois. He also has algorithmic patents to his credit from US Patents Office.

Neerada Devireddy

With a goal to help children and her entrepreneurial spirit, Neerada co-founded Uwezo Learning. Neerada is the Chief Counsellor at Uwezo and has helped several students get admitted to top 20 universities. Neerada holds dual-Masters Degrees – MS from The American University in Washington, D.C, and MCA from University of Hyderabad. Neerada has over 25 years of experience working in many Fortune 500 companies across the world.

Raj Benjaram

Although trained in computer science and management, Raj’s heart has always been with education. During his many years in the US, Raj exercised his passion for academia by training students in SAT, ACT and counselling them in college admissions. After he moved to India with family in 2008, Raj served as the Chairperson of the Parents Advisory Council at Indus International School Hyderabad. He continued close involvement in his daughters’ education and converted his zeal into Uwezo Learning, in 2011. Raj believes that the children in India need a well-rounded education to compete internationally. He is a big believer in leadership, soft skills and the saying “EQ over IQ”. Raj spent 25 years in Silicon Valley in sales and management at fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups. He has a bachelors in computer science and a masters in business, both in the USA.