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    GRE Coaching

    Uwezo Learning will assure you of the most effective GRE coaching while helping you get into the college of your dreams. From admins to counsellors, the moment you contact Uwezo, you are family. Empower your GRE journey in Hyderabad with our premier coaching. Expert mentors, personalized plans, and proven strategies to maximize your scores. Join now for a brighter academic future!


    Whether it’s your first attempt at the GRE or the third, we will explain the entire process and even provide you with a demo class. So, you only register if you are satisfied that Uwezo GRE is the best choice for you.

    Our instructors have 10+ years of teaching experience with GRE and have helped thousands students achieve their dream scores. Some of our students have achieved scores of 333, 334, and 338, with an average score of 307 out of 340. Our teachers would be delighted to do the same for you. They know the psyche of the test makers!thousands

    How it works


    SAT® Classroom Training - Hyderabad

    Uwezo Learning’s SAT coaching involves a total of 52 hours of in-class instruction, followed by up to 12 or 15 mocks (Please see Why Uwezo SAT). First, 40 hours are spent on covering SAT English and SAT Math. After 3 mocks are done by all students, another 12 hours (six for Math and six for English) are dedicated to focusing on problem areas as a group, with the help of Omar™. After coaching is complete, practice entails doing 12 to 15 mocks with an average of four hours per mock. Reviews are provided for the mocks to identify areas of improvement and clear doubts.



    SAT® Subjects Coaching

    Uwezo Learning offers Subject SAT training in Math, Physics and Chemistry. While the number of hours of teaching varies by subject, it is about 20-25 hours of classroom instruction followed by several mocks. Like our SAT offering, Subject SAT mocks are also analysed, and a detailed report provided – by using Omar™ – for you to understand areas of weakness. Most of our students score a perfect 800 in Subject SATs, with an average score of 790.


    Our SAT® Coaching Advantages

    1. Experienced faculty and we have been offering SAT Workshops for the last 8 years.
    2. The current faculty has over 7 years of SAT experience.
    3. Have some of the highest scores in Hyderabad, with the highest being 1570.
    4. Worksheets after every class to make sure subject matter is reviewed after the class.
    5. Students will do between 10-20 mocks with review and faculty help.
    6. Computerized Analytical review of mocks. Gives a weekly progress of the student. Only people doing in Hyderabad.
    7. Check website for schedule –
    8. Started and run by US based entrepreneurs who did their Bachelors and Masters in US and lived and worked for decades there. They understand the system and the process.
    9. Also offering SAT Physics and Calculus.

    What is the GRE:

    ETS (Education Testing Services) administers GRE (Graduate Record Exam). GRE is a standardized exam for admissions into Maters and PhD programs. Students write GRE for various programs such as Science, Arts, and Business among others. GRE is accepted in the United States, UK, Canada, and many other countries. It is administered in 180 countries including the United States. The exam is designed to run for a duration of 1 hour 58 minutes (approximately). This is a section adaptive test, which means you can shuffle through the section as long as you are in that section. Once you move to the next section you cannot return to the older or previous ones.

    Although a great GRE score is an important factor in the admissions process, it’s not the only parameter which will be considered. Along with a great GRE score you also need to have equally good academics scores (Percentages, CGPA, GPA, internships and relevant experience). Again, a high GRE score may not guarantee you an admission into your dream university/college, but a bad GRE score will definitely hamper your chances of getting into the same institution. Elevate your GRE scores in Hyderabad. Join us for top-notch coaching, comprehensive materials, and individualized guidance. Your path to graduate success starts here!

    There will be total four reasoning sections (2 verbal and 2 quantitative).

    Total Time 1 hour, 58 minutes

    Quantitative Reasoning2 sections, 27 questions totalTotal 47 minutes
    Verbal Reasoning2 sections, 27 questions totalTotal 41 minutes
    Analytical Writing1 section, 1 essay task30 minutes
    Total Time1 hour, 58 minutes
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