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Why go through so many books when you can get everything at Uwezo in 200 pages? Our Analytics Tool Omar guarantees improvement.

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    Uwezo Learning was founded with a single premise: that any student has a right to reach his or her true potential. Our expert staff, combined with a unique methodology and passionate management, delivers on our promise every time. Whether it is after-school help (IGCSE, MYP, IBDP), aptitude tests (PSAT®, ACT, SAT®), or College Counselling, we stand alone, a cut above the rest. A consummate group of professionals, we have several years of experience in the USA and India. 

    College Prep: Peace of Mind™

    If you think 8th or 9th grade is too early for college planning, think again. In today’s complex world, reasoning trumps memorizing, teamwork beats individual genius, and matriculation means nothing without articulation. In short, EQ over IQ. This explains why top universities around the world routinely reject applicants with perfect grades in favour of those with critical thinking skills and empathetic nature. 

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    While our management team has earned its stripes over the past several years (see About Us), what keeps the Uwezo engine running every day is our professional team of teachers, marketeers and administrative staff.

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    Why go through so many books when you can get everything at Uwezo in 200 pages? Our Analytics Tool Omar guarantees improvement.

    Don’t take chances when choosing the right college. Uwezo has a 100% placement rate.

    Confused about which career path to take? Uwezo counselors will get you to your destination – guaranteed.

    With 8+ years of experience and own question bank, Uwezo towers above the rest.

    Our dedicated teachers won’t let you fail. Come experience the difference.

    While others throw you into a big room like a herd of sheep, Uwezo gives individual attention to every student.

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    There are 3 reasons why one should choose Uwezo Learning over others. Here, we’ll give you just three of the most important ones:

    • 1. Been-there-done-that
    • 2. Customer Commitment
    • 3. Trust
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    Uwezo has assisted me immensely in my college application process, beginning from SAT coaching. Their one-on-one sessions to clarify doubts, understand topics better, and comprehensive mock tests with review of the answers has helped me work on my weaknesses. From helping you shortlist colleges related to your major, showcase your best qualities through essays, to building your profile through extracurriculars – Uwezo will ensure you have support in every step of the way.

    Advita Gelli



    I truly cannot thank everyone at Uwezo enough. Their mocks and workshops instilled confidence within me. And, most importantly, their reading tricks and tips, grammar rules, and math flash cards have proven to be my greatest allies in the test. Thank you for all that you have done.




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