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Embrace your college essay challenge with Uwezo Learning on your side!

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    We use Natural Intelligence (NI) to help you craft the best-in-class essays: Just say NO to ChatGPT. Colleges consider ChatGPT essays as plagiarism.

    Expert coaches with admits into top 30

    Feedback on quality, content of essays

    Comments to improve the essay iteratively

    3 or more rounds of editing

    Eliminate grammatical errors

    Superior articulation and language


    Whether your dream school is Berkeley or Brown, Harvard or Northwestern, Boston or Austin, UCL or NUS, or anything in between, you can rest assured that we’ve already placed students there. Whether you’re applying to Engineering or Psychology, you can count on us to help you craft a world-class essay


    Whether you need help with the Common App Essay, Supplementary Essays or the Statement of Purpose, Uwezo Learning will help you turn in a world-class performance. The best part is we do not price by number of words, but by quality and a happy customer. It's no wonder that our students have been admitted to top universities around the world!

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    Statement of Purpose

    Supplementary Essays

    Common App Essay

    With Uwezo Learning, your future is in good hands

    When you need open heart surgery, don’t you shop around for the best surgeon? Why would you want anything less when it comes to college admissions!

    Can an essay make or break a college application? The answer is an emphatic “Yes!”

    This is because the essays are the only avenue for you to articulate who you are, why you want to study a particular major, and why you’re applying to a specific university. Remember, there are 100’s of students vying for a mere 100-200 seats, by major, in top universities. While your grades and SAT score will get you to the game, only a well-written essay will help you win it.

    Raj Devireddy

    Raj Devireddy


    Degree: Graduate degree in Business
    University of Illinois

    He mentors students in entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Graduate degree in Business from University of Illinois. He also has algorithmic patents to his credit from the US Patents Office, and is a member of AICTE.
    Neerada Devireddy

    Neerada Devireddy


    Degree: Dual Masters Degrees,
    The American University

    Neerada has successfully placed hundreds of students into top universities around the world including the Ivies. Her passion and compassion have earned her accolades from students and parents alike.Neerada has over 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies which has equipped her with strong mentoring skills.
    Raj Benjaram

    Raj Benjaram


    Degree: Masters in Business,
    University of Phoenix

    Raj exercises his passion for academia by training students in SAT, ACT and counseling them in college admissions.As a staunch advocate of leadership, soft skills and the saying “EQ over IQ”, Raj heads Uwezo’s College Prep. He is well known for his proclivity for English and a preeminent skill for helping students produce outstanding essays.
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