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Career Counselling Services

Do not fall prey to tall claims from so-called career counsellors who can tell you “exactly” what your skills and motivations are based on a single test or one counselling session! When it comes to career guidance, there is no one-size-fits-all. At Uwezo Learning we customize our career counselling in Hyderabad based on the client: a high-schooler, graduate or someone looking for a mid-career change.

Did you know that the human brain continues to develop – psychologists call it brain elasticity – until the age of 25? So, does it make sense to make long-term decisions for a child of 14 or 15, based on one questionable test? The priorities at this age should be different and one must not be pigeon-holed into taking just one path. The most important criteria for a high-schooler is to have multiple options but still get some direction. At Uwezo Learning, we know just how to accomplish that.

And for someone who’s already a graduate of science or engineering, are the career options limited to the respective fields? We don’t think so. In today’s world, employers are looking for those with critical thinking ability that can pick up new skills that they might not have been trained for in college. Technology is playing the perfect disrupter role. These days medical doctors are pursuing MBAs and lawyers are becoming technocrats. However, it’s suicidal to make this decision lightly. You need proper guidance; you need Uwezo Learning.

Career Counselling Services

Uwezo Counsellors, having worked in India and abroad, can give you precise and accurate career advice. They have held senior management positions in the U.S.A and India and know what companies want. When you opt for open heart surgery, don’t you want the best doctor available at the best price? When it comes to career counselling, why would you choose anyone lesser than Uwezo Learning!

Unlock Your Potential with Expert Career Counseling in Hyderabad! Discover our personalized guidance and professional insights to pave your path to success. Contact us for top-notch career advice today!

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