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SAT Coaching In the USA

    Uwezo SAT Classes in USA

    Having groomed 100’s of students in India, over the last 12 years, achieve a score of 1500+, Uwezo Learning now brings it’s unique SAT teaching methodology to the United States. Don’t spend another dime before you give us 30 minutes of your time.

    Advantages Of Taking Uwezo SAT Classes

    Why Uwezo?

    Aid your SAT preparation with assistance from experts in the industry. Our professionals are here with the most resourceful SAT classes in New Jersey, Chicago, Virginia, California, New York and all other locations across the USA to boost your effectiveness. 

    Manage time, practice with online mock tests, get real-time feedback, and more with Uwezo Learning. 


    Being one of the selective institutes that offers adaptive SAT testing, Uwezo is a faithful and dependable organisation for pupils and their parents to rely on for SAT test tutoring.

    Mobile Application

    With our custom-built application, you can learn on the go and tap into our SAT classes in New York online. Along with that, with our app, one can clear their doubts, get explanations, give interactive mock tests online, and much more, in addition to reviewing their own performance 24x7.

    Custom Attention

    We, at Uwezo Learning, ensure that every student receives special attention and a personal study plan that meets their individual needs. Hence, they shape their SAT test prep courses just for them.

    Uwezo Learning Process

    Uwezo SAT classes in New Jersey, Chicago, Virginia, California, New York, and everywhere in the USA involves a total of over 60 hours of instruction, followed by 10 or more mock tests, reviews and remedial classes. Our sessions are 100% online and 100% guaranteed – flexibility and quality

    First, 50 hours are dedicated to and focused on SAT English and SAT Math. Each concept and topic is practiced in the classroom, and then more exercises are done in our application. 

    After the initial 50 hours of coaching are done, practice sessions for full-length mock tests in our application begin. 

    Apart from this, additional teaching time of approximately 10–15 hours is conducted to alleviate challenges faced by students as well as reinforce key concepts and techniques. 

    Detailed explanations for each mock are also provided for students to do self-review. 

    SAT Achievers


     Adaptive SAT can be defined as a computer-based algorithmic test, wherein the difficulty of a practice exam is based on an individual’s performance. 

    The best time to start your preparation for the SAT is as soon as possible. It is advised as the exam is highly competitive; hence, initiating your SAT classes online with Uwezo Learning as early as possible will aid in learning effectively. 

    Yes! The SAT examination is mandatory for every undergraduate aspirant desiring to study at the top universities in the United States for higher studies. 

    The SAT is conducted to analyze students’ readability and knowledge of literacy, numeracy, and writing. Additionally, it also aids in filtering the pupils as per their potential.