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    SAT® detail

    Why Uwezo SAT®

    At Uwezo Learning, we guarantee highly effective SAT® Coaching that ensures significant score improvement for every student. 

    It's Adaptive

    Uwezo Learning introduces a groundbreaking approach with Adaptive-SAT Testing, revolutionizing SAT preparation. Through our innovative app, students dive into the adaptive nature of the SAT from day one. With 10 mock tests and concept-based practice sessions, we ensure comprehensive readiness for Adaptive Mock Tests. Whether opting for online or offline learning, students embark on a journey of personalized and effective SAT coaching.

    It's no Rocket Science

    You can either go buy a 1000-page SAT Book or study with Uwezo Learning’s Reading Primer, Writing and Language Primer and Math Primer – each less than 80 pages! After 10 years and helping 100’s of students achieve their dream scores, we know the psyche of every type of student. With this in mind, we have created our own material to help you master the SAT – with less effort and less stress.

    It's Accountable

    Our App helps you understand exactly where you stand at any given time, against your desired score. You get detailed explanations for every question, and can clear doubts with teachers, if any. We publish scores for the entire batch at the end of each test or mock. Our dedicated counselors and staff guarantee that you'll never miss an assignment. What's more, you can log into the App and review your performance 24x7.

    Key Features of SAT Coaching

    International Trainers

    How it works
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    SAT® Classroom Training - We provide best SAT coaching

    Uwezo Learning’s comprehensive SAT® online coaching Vizag includes 62 hours of in-class instruction, along with up to 12 or 15 mock tests. Initially, students undergo 50 hours of intensive training covering SAT English and SAT Math. After three mock tests, an additional 12 hours (six for Math and six for English) are dedicated to addressing group-specific problem areas with the assistance of Omar™. Following the completion of coaching, students engage in practice sessions comprising 12 to 15 mocks, with an average duration of four hours per mock. Reviews are conducted for each mock to pinpoint areas of improvement and clarify doubts, supplemented by detailed explanations for self-review. 

    Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

    Advantages of SAT coaching in Visakhapatnam

    1. Experienced faculty and we have been offering SAT Workshops for the last 8 years.
    2. The current faculty has over 7 years of SAT experience.
    3. Have some of the highest scores, with the highest being 1590.
    4. Worksheets after every class to make sure subject matter is reviewed after the class.
    5. Students will do between 10+ mocks with review and faculty help.
    6. Computerized Analytical review of mocks. Gives a weekly progress of the student.
    7. Check website for schedule –
    8. Started and run by US based entrepreneurs who did their Bachelors and Masters in US and lived and worked for decades there. They understand the system and the process.
    9. Also offering AP Calculus AB/BC prep classes

    SAT Achievers

    4 Easy Tips for SAT Writing & Language

    The SAT Exam aims to assess high school students’ proficiency in English language, grammar, and math problem-solving skills, determining their readiness for college. It provides colleges with a standardized evaluation tool for assessing applicants’ quality. While not compulsory, SAT scores are crucial. Opting for SAT coaching Vizag enhances your chances of standing out to Admissions Officers, leaving a lasting impression. Conversely, omitting your score may lead colleges to perceive you as unprepared for college. 

    The aim for adaptive tests is to accurately assess students’ knowledge and capabilities. By assessing each student’s abilities by their performance, SAT can offer students questions that are appropriate in level of difficulty for their abilities. This helps the SAT give scores that reflect more accurately of the students’ abilities.

    The College Board has also decided to implement adaptive testing in order in order to facilitate the testing. Through adaptive testing, the SAT will be less lengthy customized to every student, and provide an accurate representation of every student’s career and college readiness. According to the College Board believes this will make the SAT easier for students and will better match the tests that students will take during college and beyond.

    For timeframe for applying to college, it is recommended to complete your initial SAT test in September-October of the eleventh grade. In this way, if you’re unhappy with your score and you want an improved score, you can take the SAT during April-May or following your final eleventh exam. If you score a high score on your first try then your 12th grade class will be free to complete admission to college. If you need an increase of 100 points, then studying for a month can assist you get to your desired SAT score.
    Before getting ready to beginning the preparation for SAT test, applicants must obtain an appropriate mentorship / guidance. It is crucial to comprehend the way to study, know desired SAT scores, SAT preparation materials, and study hours. For SAT, you will need to decide between a rigorous studying schedule, which will require averaging 10 hours a week, for two weeks or a gradual program of study in which you study for just a few hours per week for at minimum for a minimum of six months. The plans you choose to follow depend on your learning method and time availability.

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