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How to manage your finances to study abroad

“The big billion dream”, is what we middle class people call it.

Ever since India got colonized by Britain, people have fancied the idea of going abroad for higher studies. Earlier it was a part of the status quo, but over the years it’s gained more and more popularity amongst service class and average earning commonality. People nowadays are gradually absorbing the idea of globalization. The geographic and political boundaries are being crossed with the aid of culture, music, art, and technology. While the children in 20th century India are aspiring to reach out to the world, their dream college list not just has IITs, AIIMS, IIMs, NIFT, and NITs, but also major Ivy league colleges such as Stanford, Harvard, Yale and Oxford.

With such ambitions, comes prodigious responsibility. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. One has to plan well in advance. Strategizing your channel and having foolproof resources to fund, and backup the whole project is extremely crucial. Fees at foreign colleges require a monumental investment. Therefore, before it creates a mammoth hole in your pocket, prepare your finances.

Thinking of the entire funding at the starting, could be quite overwhelming and can seem as an exhausting goal. But with right planning and some sensible, smart decisions, from the best SAT coaching institute in Hyderabad, one can make this whole thing seamless. With some basic understanding of what goes where and how to have fun even with limited budget. These few time tested maxims might be that perfect go to advice you were looking for

➔     Budget it out

Crafting a budget is preminet, having a day to day check on how much you are spending and limiting the expenses on a weekly basis. Prioritize the necessities and then save for leisure.

➔     Know what to do, and where to go

Read the maps and walk the distances you can, instead of calling an uber

every time. Stay aware of the city’s news & events. Go and enjoy the street

concerts and free carnivals.

➔     Use your student status

Get yourself a student card as early as you can. This card will help you avail discounts on restaurants, shops, movie tickets, transportation and various cultural events.

➔     Get yourself a local bank account

Open an account in a local bank account. Online banking is another option that one can resort to. Open an account in a local bank account. Online banking is another option that one can resort to.

➔     Get smart

Spend money like a local. Talk to the locals and befriend them. Learn the fabric of the town and country, that way you would always have guidance without getting tricked into unnecessary expenses.

➔     Work to support your lifestyle

Look for extra income options. part-time jobs such as freelance assignments. Having that bit of pocket money to sustain oneself is always a good backup, plus it also boosts one’s confidence. . You can also utilize the money for paying back student loans.

While you dwell into the economics of your higher education, it is also very important to build the foundation that would help you get to your dream college. Focusing on SATs, ACTs and TOEFL are the bridging stones that will get you through to the river.

At Uwezo, the best SAT coaching institute in Hyderabad we pay attention to the ever-increasing population of students wanting to study abroad. Students wanting to ensure great scores that will help sort their scholarships and take the next flight to the Ivy leagues are finding their pilgrimage at Uwezo Learning, the best SAT coaching institute in Hyderabad.

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