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Ways to build a robust network while studying online

The pandemic has brought the world online. While business, professional and work-related meetings are being held online so are the school and college classes. It is proving extremely difficult for the students to cope up with online studies, especially when it comes to networking. To build a healthy atmosphere around any student, they must connect with people of their age and people from the industry where they aspire to be.

Networking helps in not only getting a good job but also widens your knowledge about that particular field or the industry as a whole. Networking in person defiantly has its perks but that does not mean it is not possible in the current scenario. Here are some ways by which a student can build a robust network as they study online.

  1. Attend seminars and virtual events

Multiple seminars are taking place online. If a student is active, they will multiple seminars on the topic that interests them. Apart from that, they can also be a part of volunteer research programmes at various universities. Signing up for such virtual events will keep you updated about the field and also help in connecting with people easily.

  1. Live chat

During a live conference, many platforms provide the opportunities of a Live Chat, being active on them with intelligent questions or even a valuable insight can help you get noticed.

  1. Build a professional network

Ensure that you introduce yourself to be it in an open online discussion, classmates or even faculty. Starting by connecting with the university’s or school’s alumni can help you learn a lot from their experience.

  1. Build an online presence

There are various paid and even free online communities that will keep you updated with the latest news about your interested industry. Apart from that, there are various online professional portals like LinkedIn, which will prove beneficial professionally if one is consistent on it.

  1. Follow up is the key

After connecting with the person, it is vital to follow up and be in touch with them. Interacting with them, liking or even commenting on their post creates a good impression and be helpful in future.

  1. Participate in online classroom forums

In university or even schools, participate and be active on classroom forums. Invite guest speakers, host a workshop/ seminar, take advantage and interact with your peers or even start a group discussion.

Networking might seem tough and will require a lot of efforts, but taking these small steps can make a huge difference. Be it for work or even for your future admission in the college, these simple steps will never go to waste. Uwezo Learning provides you with the best online training and coaching for various entrance exams like IELTS Online Training, TOEFL Online Coaching, IGCSE Online Training, SAT Online Coaching in India, GRE Online Coaching in Hyderabad and so much more; and to ensure these don’t go to waste, it is vital to building a good network while studying.

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