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How to convince your parents for a Study Abroad Programme?


Do you dream of studying in international universities, meeting people from all over the world and learning about new cultures? If you’re a student who has graduated from high school and is looking to study abroad, you may have one obstacle in your plan – the approval of your parents.

With the current scenario, many students and parents have dropped their plans to study abroad. Among the few who are still willing to complete their studies, parents approval has become a roadblock. If you’re someone struggling to convince your parents for a study abroad programme, give this a read.

Know why you’re going where you’re going

Do your due diligence. From finding out about SAT coaching in Hyderabad post-school results, what to study and which country and region and why you want to study abroad and travel documents needed for visas etc, need to be ascertained before planning to study abroad. Make an excellent case for yourself when you’re explaining the reasons to your guardians.  So they need to talk to a counsellor. And Uwezo can help. Uwezo has over 15 years of experience helping study abroad)

Parents and guardians are always deliberating on your future, so it’s natural for them to worry about the next step. Preparing what they must know assures them you’re serious about the decision. Uwezo Learning offers a 30-min free consultation session for students and parents who are considering sending their children abroad. Book a call with us and clear all your doubts.

Communicate your message well 

Often, communication between parents and children isn’t adequate for choosing careers or colleges. Misunderstandings may arise if either side doesn’t make space to listen. The most important thing you’ve to remember is to inform and ask, not declare and demand. As your primary caregivers, they have every right to be worried about their child moving away to another country (or continent) all by themselves for a good 3-4 years. Consider their concern while explaining your reasons to study abroad.

Even for something as simple as searching for ACT coaching in Hyderabad can be discussed with your parents, giving them the opportunity to take part even in the small decisions.

Consider your financial situation

It is absolutely fine to accept that your family may not have the financial resources to send you abroad. Believe it or not, the case is the same for anybody who is not in the 1% of the global population.

Second, open a channel with your parents about your family’s income and savings. Ask them for help in figuring out a way, whether it be by applying to state/national/private scholarships or taking a student loan from a bank.

It’s imperative to have alternatives in case the first plan does not go through. Speak to people or use apps like Reddit or Quora to find out what the total cost of living abroad is (there are different budgets for different regions, of course) and advice on how to get a scholarship/loan.

Third, be patient and understanding. Your parents have done their best to get you through school. They won’t stay far behind for higher education or prepping for SAT coaching in Hyderabad.

Plan your study abroad programme

If everything goes well and your parents agree, begin with drafting an actual plan. Leaving to study abroad usually calls for a hectic process. You’ve to give international general aptitude tests, study for them at an SAT/ACT/IELTS coaching centre in Hyderabad, apply to colleges and upon acceptance, move onto the passport and visa process.

You must set aside dates for visiting the embassy of the chosen country, mark dates for passport and visa interviews, and book flights. All of this is strenuous and having your parents help you out will help share the experience while getting the job done.

If you’re still worried and have questions, speak to us. Uwezo Learning is one of the best SAT coaching institutes in Hyderabad empowering students with top scores and fulfilling their dreams of studying abroad. Book a free 30-min consultation call with us to decide why you should study abroad.

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