Crafting College Brilliance: Unlock Qualitative Skills for Top US Colleges

TUE, 3O May
7:00 PM IST / 09:30 AM EST

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    Featured Presenter


    Associate Director of Admissions, Yale University

    Jessie has worked in higher education for 16 years at Yale University, both as Dean of an undergraduate college and as Associate Director of Admissions. As a dean she provides academic and personal counseling to 500 Yale students each year, helping them achieve success as students and as future professionals in the working world. As a member of the admissions committee, Jessie assessed more than 12,000 candidates. She also works with high school students to counsel them on writing essays and making sure their application is a strong reflection of who they are.

    What You’ll Learn During This 1 Hour Session

    Admission Success Blueprint

    Learn the art of crafting a key and compelling college application that captivates admission officers. Get insider tips on showcasing your unique qualities and experiences to stand out among applicants.

    Inside the Admission Room

    Delve into the mysterious world of student selection. Gain exclusive insights into the rigorous evaluation process, criteria, and factors that colleges consider.

    Skills Checklist

    Discover the coveted skills that top colleges seek in students. From leadership to critical thinking, we’ll explore the qualities that set applicants apart and we’ll guide you through the traits that make a compelling candidate.

    Thriving US Education System

    Will Discuss invaluable insights on navigating and excelling in the dynamic US education landscape.From time management to study techniques, we’ll share essential strategies for thriving in college.

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