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India : 15th December 2022
USA : 7th January 2023

Online and in-class
New Digital SAT® Format

Why Uwezo SAT®


Uwezo Learning will assure you of the effective SAT® Coaching while helping your target score.

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    25% of Uwezoans score 1500 or more on the SAT!

    Uwezo's SAT preparation program guarantees you a score to be in the top 95 percentile in SAT. Over 25% of students get a score of 1500+, which no one in India match. We are the No. 1 provider of SAT coaching, in Hyderabad having trained thousands of students over last ten years. Uwezo's customized material, computerized analytical tools, and one on one attention guarantees top score for students. Our class size are small, about max of ten students in each class, which guarantees high level of interaction between teacher and student.

    We conduct SAT Coaching both in online and in class format. Our online SAT classes are conducted for students across the world and mostly for students from United States. Classes are conducted both on weekdays evenings after school and on the week ends to make it conducive for students.

    College Board has changed SAT format from paper based to digital (for International students from March of 2023 and US students from Fall 2024). Uwezo is ready and teaching in both formats and ready for both paper based and on-line formats. Our coaching centre is located at the heart of the city in Road No 36 Jubilee Hills, and is located right next to Madhapur metro. We are the only SAT training centre in Hyderabad who have such a high level of success rate and positive feedback from parents and students.

    Why wait? Join and be the achiever you can be with Uwezo. Don't waste your potential!

    Our SAT® Coaching Advantages

    1. Experienced faculty and we have been offering SAT Workshops for over 12+ years.
    2. The current faculty has over 10+ years of SAT experience.
    3. Have some of the highest scores in Hyderabad, with the highest being 1590.
    4. Worksheets after every class to make sure subject matter is reviewed after the class.
    5. Students will do 10+ mocks with reviews and faculty help.
    6. Computerized Analytical review of mocks. Gives a weekly progress of the student. Only people doing in Hyderabad.
    7. Started and run by US based entrepreneurs who did their Bachelors and Masters in US and lived and worked for decades there. They understand the system and the process.
    8. Also offering Also offering AP Calculus AB/BC prep classes

    Now you can also Join the 1520+ score list!


    Scholastic Admissions Test (SAT) is a standardized test taken by students seeking admission into top undergraduate colleges. While the test was developed for college admissions in the United States, it is widely accepted at colleges around the globe.
    Having a high SAT score of over 1500 can help students increase their chances of getting admission to top educational institutions across the globe.

    Yes, SAT coaching helps you score better on your SAT score. While everyone can prepare for the test themselves, SAT preparation classes can significantly improve your scores.
    This helps you get into top schools that match your learning potential. You can start your SAT coaching anytime after completing your Grade 10 exams. The summer break after the exams is highly recommended for an early start.
    Uwezo Learning’s SAT classes help you get guaranteed score improvement with a proven track record of over 10 years.

    SAT is important as a key part of your application eligibility

    • Your SAT score is how colleges compare you to other applicants from around the world.
    • Your SAT scores reveal whether your GPA and transcripts are an accurate representation of your academic ability.
    • A high SAT score can make up for a lower GPA.

    Uwezo Learning’s SAT coaching in Hyderabad is an intensive program involving 62 hours of in-house classes and 12 to 15 mock tests.
    The tests are analyzed with our Flexi Quiz tool to ensure the students have completely mastered the concept and are then reviewed with them to close any gaps.
    We have a proven 10 -year track record in SAT coaching, with a faculty that includes highly-experienced counsellors that focus on providing the best coaching to students.

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