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    When it comes to college admissions or study abroad counselling, Uwezo’s goal is the same as yours: getting you into your dream university. Whether applying to the US, UK, Australia, Singapore or any other country, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way. Unlock your global potential with our specialized study abroad counseling services. We strive to present you in the best light possible, thus helping you edge out the competition. Everything matters: grades, extra-curricular activities, recommendation letters, and above all, your essays. So, when it comes to your future, we leave nothing to chance!

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    Whether your dream school is Berkeley or Brown, Harvard or Northwestern, Boston or Austin, UCL or NUS, or anything in between, you can rest assured that we’ve already placed students there. Whether you’re applying to Engineering or Psychology, you can count on us to present you in the best light possible – UG to PG. From university selection to visa assistance, trust our experts to make your study abroad dreams a reality. We guide you all the way from college selection, Statement of Purpose, essays and application process. With Uwezo Learning, your future is in good hands. When you need open heart surgery, don’t you shop around for the best surgeon? Why would you want anything less when it comes to college admissions!

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