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How to leverage the new ACT rules?


ACT or the American College Testing is an exam that measures the readiness of students for undergraduate colleges in the US and Canada. It mainly has four sections, that is, English, Mathematics, Science and Reading. The score is between 1 to 36 for each subject and the composite ACT score is the average of these four tests. There is an optional writing section as well. The ACT is valid for five years, post you take the test.

According to the new rule in ACT, one can now super score in their tests. This proves to be of advantage when compared with SAT. The super score allows one to take the highest scores from each section. Usually, it was the college that would decide whether to allow a super score or not, but now ACT will let the students decide which out of the deficient sections to test from before a later date. ACT is conducted 7 times a year, making it easier for the students to score and keep track. The eligibility criteria are to be a high school pass out and above the age of thirteen having a valid passport. The students can opt for either computer-based or paper-based applications. It has multiple choice questions with no negative scoring.

Students can either self-study, go to a coaching class or leverage free learning from ACT academy. As the ACT is being held seven times a year, students end up taking the exam more than one time to get a better ACT score. It was noted that students who took the ACT more than one time experienced improvements in their score. According to data “graduates who retested, 57% improved their Composite score on their second testing. However, 22% saw their Composite score decrease on their second test. To a point, students who retested multiple times tended to do better.” One can retake the test approximately 12 times.

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Uwezo has specially designed ACT Classes in Hyderabad and ACT Online Coaching across the world. Our team comprises educationists, counsellors, teachers and parents committed to imparting excellence in education that is focused on results and out-of-the-box thinking. Our teachers have complete freedom in implementing their pedagogy in small classrooms with differentiated instruction. Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to guide you for your ACT examination.

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