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    GMAT coaching offered by Uwezo is the best coaching you’ll receive in India. From counseling sessions with our experts, personalized plans, proven strategies to maximize your scores, and classes with our experienced professionals, we assure you that we will equip you properly.

    Quantitative Reasoning

    Section with questions based on algebraic and arithmetic knowledge. Problem-solving skills, inclusive of logical and analytical skills, are required to identify the correct answers.

    Verbal Reasoning

    This section is curated to assess your ability to comprehend and understand written context. Carefully reading the statements mentioned here is the key to ace verbal reasoning.

    Data Insights

    Section consisting of questions revolving around the interpretation and analysis of data context in real business situations. Cautiously thinking along with mathematical calculations will aid in finding the correct answer here.

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    points Guaranteed improvement from initial diagnostic test

    Personalized Coaching

    Personalized Training

    Uwezo’s class sizes are small and flexible unlike other institutes. Teachers are always available. One on one individual caching also available


    70 hour coaching and review process to suit both working professionals and students. HW after each class to re-in force concepts


    Tests after each module is complete. Followed by mocks and mock reviews

    Raj Devireddy

    Raj Devireddy


    Degree: Graduate degree in Business
    University of Illinois

    He mentors students in entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box thinking. He holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and a Graduate degree in Business from University of Illinois. He also has algorithmic patents to his credit from the US Patents Office, and is a member of AICTE.
    Neerada Devireddy

    Neerada Devireddy


    Degree: Dual Masters Degrees,
    The American University

    Neerada has successfully placed hundreds of students into top universities around the world including the Ivies. Her passion and compassion have earned her accolades from students and parents alike.Neerada has over 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies which has equipped her with strong mentoring skills.
    Raj Benjaram

    Raj Benjaram


    Degree: Masters in Business,
    University of Phoenix

    Raj exercises his passion for academia by training students in SAT, ACT and counseling them in college admissions.As a staunch advocate of leadership, soft skills and the saying “EQ over IQ”, Raj heads Uwezo’s College Prep. He is well known for his proclivity for English and a preeminent skill for helping students produce outstanding essays.

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