Uwezo can optimize your portfolio in several ways. For instance, if you are a forward-thinker and aiming for a top university, then planning must start as early as 8th or 9th grade. Our College Prep:Peace of Mind™ program is for someone just like you. It’s a comprehensive service that includes all aspects of building an outstanding resume: ACT-SAT training, Subject SATs, Vocabulary Building, Writing Skills, Internships, Leadership Development, college counselling and college applications. Please learn more about our College Prep Program: Peace of Mind, a one-of-a-kind service only from Uwezo Learning. What if you’re already in 11th or even 12th grade? No problem. Uwezo can still maximize your chances of college admission. While we might not be able to enhance all aspects of your resume, we can still do a lot. Also, remember that quality essays that articulate who you are and what you care about are important components of a college application. Similarly, teacher recommendations have an impact on your application. Depending on how soon you approach us, we might be able to assign you a leadership project and/or find you a short internship to boost your resume further.