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If you need world-class IELTS preparation, then look no further than Gachibowli or Jubilee Hills. Uwezo Learning, with two convenient locations, will assure you of the most effective IELTS Coaching while helping you get into the college of your dreams. There are six sections in IELTS, namely, listening (40 questions with 1 mark each in 30 minutes), academic reading ( 40 questions with 1mark each in 60 minutes), speaking and general writing (40 questions with 1 mark each), general reading (40 questions with 1 mark each in 60 minutes) and academic writing (2 questions in 60 minutes).

Scoring is done on basis of band from 0 to 9 with 0 being didn’t attempt the test and 9 being expert user.

Our People

From Admins to Faculty to Counsellors, the moment you walk into Uwezo, you are family. Whether it’s your first attempt at IELTS or second, we will explain you the entire process and even provide you with a demo class. So, you only register once satisfied, that Uwezo has the best offering. No obligation.

Our instructors have 10+ years of teaching experience, and helped hundreds of students achieve their dream score. Our Faculty has helped students achieve scores of band 8 and 9, with an average band score of 7. They will be happy to do the same for you. They know the psyche of the test makers and understand the process!

The Journey


We at Uwezo follow a simple 5-step process to your dream score, as shown below:

  • Meeting Uwezo Counselors
  • IELTS Diagnostic Test (Uassess™)
  • Set Target Score
  • Coaching Classes (Group, Individual)
  • Achieve Target Score (Utarget™)

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