SAT® Coaching In Hyderabad

Uwezo Learning, will assure you of the most effective SAT® Coaching while helping you get Guaranteed Score Improvement.

What You Get

In addition to experienced teachers and a 10-year track record, there are three unique reasons why you should choose Uwezo Learning for SAT®:

Omar™ SAT® Analytics

This one-of-a-kind application will analyse your mock and generate a detailed report pointing out areas of weakness down to the question-type.

SAT® Made Simple

With our Flexi Quiz tool, students are tested after each module taught to make sure students have mastered the concept. Review of the test

Dedicated Counsellors And Staff

Celebrity bites for every occasion for every store launch. Suprise visits by celebrities to franchisee stores.

Our SAT® Coaching Advantages

  • Experienced faculty and we have been offering SAT Workshops for the last 8 years.
  • The current faculty has over 7 years of SAT experience.
  • Have some of the highest scores in Hyderabad, with the highest being 1570.
  • Worksheets after every class to make sure subject matter is reviewed after the class.
  • Students will do between 10-20 mocks with review and faculty help.
  • Computerized Analytical review of mocks. Gives a weekly progress of the student. Only people doing in Hyderabad.
  • Check website for schedule –
  • Started and run by US based entrepreneurs who did their Bachelors and Masters in US and lived and worked for decades there. They understand the system and the process.
  • Also offering SAT Physics and Calculus.

Want To Ask More About The Course?

Ready to get started?

Uwezo Learning’s SAT® coaching involves a total of 62 hours of in-class instruction, followed by up to 12 or 15 mocks (Please see Why Uwezo SAT). First, 50 hours are spent on covering SAT English and SAT Math. After 3 mocks are done by all students, another 12 hours (six for Math and six for English) are dedicated to focusing on problem areas as a group, with the help of Omar™.